Repurposed Broken Guitar

Repurposed Broken Guitar

After a worship practice not long ago my friend, Allison, walked up to me with a guitar.

She said, “This guitar is for you.”

To which I replied, “…….WHAT???”

She then explained that it was broken and that she wasn’t using it anymore.


She gave me her blessing to work my “creative magic” on it.

Before I even left the building I knew exactly what I wanted to do, but it took me a month or so to work up the courage to do it.  It has been thoroughly ingrained in me from birth to take careful care of all instruments.  Even though this one was broken and would cost more to repair than it was actually worth, it was hard to convince myself that it was okay to…make it pretty.

But, with this creative vision swirling in my head every time I caught a glimpse of it sitting in the corner, I decided to go for it.

This is her before pic:


The first thing I did was take the strings off and set them aside to make Allison some guitar string earrings.  (Still haven’t done that..)


Then I sprayed her down really good with kilz primer.


Then I mixed my favorite Sherwin Williams paint, Rushing River, with the chalk paint appoxi from Sassy Monkey.  I did two coats.

Lastly I used Martha Stewart’s Gold Metallic Paint to accent the nobs and frets.

Once the paint was dry I put some flowers from Hobby Lobby in the sound hole, and that was when I was really glad I decided to do this project!


I love how this turned out!


It’s a pretty great décor piece for our music room!


Next up?  Find more broken guitars, paint them all different colors and hang them on the wall!

I’ll keep you updated in that process. 😉