My #Whole30 Journey Week 1

My #Whole30 Journey Week 1

whole 30 week one

So, my husband and I reached a point at the end of the summer where we knew we needed to do something a little drastic to get our eating back on track.  After endless cookouts, vacations, fast food meals and late night icecream runs our bodies were begging us to stop.  I had no energy and just didn’t feel good.  We considered several options.  Honestly, when I first heard about Whole 30 I was sure there was no way I could do it.  But, after hearing of my friend, Brooke’s, experience with it I knew it was what we needed to do.  I am so glad we followed through with this process!  After finishing we stuck to the plan pretty closely, but added beans, honey, and some occasional dairy.  Now, after enjoying all the sugary goodness the holidays had to offer we are on Day 5 of our second Whole 30 journey.  I can’t tell you how much better I have felt- more energy, mental clarity, less mood swings-so worth it to me.

Reading blogs about other’s experiences really helped me prep for this, and so I’m going to give you all a peek into our first week.  It wasn’t pretty.  We started on my kids first day of school.  That was stupid, but we hung in there!

Here is what we ate and a short recap on how I felt:

Day 1:

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with peppers, onions and avocado

Lunch: Salad with boiled chicken, onions, avacados and olivie oil for dressing

Dinner:  Bunless guacamole burgers, watermelon.


Meal prep/cleanup took longer than expected. I realized that I need to do some food prep the night before to even make it possible on our busy school mornings. I was doing great until the afternoon, and already felt foggy. It surprised me that after not even 24 hours of no sugar my body was already begging for it. It shows me how necessary this really is. Derek was happy with the meals and didn’t seem to struggle much at all on the first day. His self control is much higher than mine though ;).


Day 2:

Breakfast:  Scrambled eggs over spring mixed greens, watermelon

Lunch: Salad with Boiled Chicken and Homemade Cilantro Lime dressing; Banana/Egg Pancake with Rasberries

Dinner: Taco Salad, Watermelon


After going to bed at midnight last night(seriously, why did I do that?) I was awakend at 130 with the sound of my 4 year old throwing up. He then threw up 8 more times in the night. (That has to be some kind of record.) All this to say that not only was I tired and did not want to mess with cooking breakfast-I did not want to eat that breakfast. I wanted comfort food. You don’t realize how much you rely on chocolate until it is not allowed in your diet!!

Day 3:

Breakfast: Baked Avacado/Egg, Raspberries,

Lunch: Sweet Potato Hash and Sausage, Banana with Almond Butter,

Snack: Cookie Dough Larbar,

Dinner: Grilled Chicken, Squash and Peaches.


I have felt great today!  I really expected it to take longer for me to get over my no sugar fog.  I still feel a little overwhelmed with all the meal prep and clean up.  I’m glad we waited until the kids were back in school to do this.  It also helped that my husband spent 30 minutes chopping sweet potatoes last night.  That will last us a couple of days!  (We chop them into small cubes and then put them in zipper baggies with a little cold water over them and store them in the fridge.)  Also, I know that snacks are discouraged-but reality is that I need one sometimes.  My afternoons are busy with kids and dinner prep, so I chose to fuel instead of have a melt down in the middle of that. 🙂

Day 4:

Breakfast: Sweet Potato Hash

Lunch: Leftover Sweet Potato Hash, Banana with almond butter, strawberries

Dinner: Leftovers from Day 3 Dinner643

Day 5

Breakfast: Bacon and Eggs

Lunch: Taco Salad, Raspberries

Dinner: Roast, Potatoes and Carrots

Keeping up with the prep and clean up today was not fun with the busyness that Saturdays always bring.  BUT, Derek is going to cook breakfast on the weekends, so it was great to have a break from that.  I am feeling tired and overwhelmed with this whole deal, but still committed!


Day 6:

Breakfast: Bacon and Eggs

Lunch: Sweet Potato Hash, Sausage

Dinner: Leftover Roast, Sweet Potato Hash

Hello headache.

Day 7:

Breakfast: Paleo Banana Pancakes

Lunch: Sweet Potato Hash

Dinner: Taco Salad

For the last two days I’ve woken up with a headache that stayed around all day.  It was so bad last night that I couldn’t fall asleep.  If anything I think the way I’m feeling has made my resolve to stick to this even stronger.  I’m experiencing this because my body is ADDICTED to sugar.  I feel hopeful that I’m going to get over through this yucky part and feel better.  And I feel excited for developing healthy habits that will stick!

Please feel free to ask any questions!