Quick and Easy DIY Chalkboard Bunting

Quick and Easy DIY Chalkboard Bunting

Quick and Easy are becoming trademark words for my projects and this bunting fits right in with everything else on this blog.  Not only is it quick and easy to make it can be reused.

easy steps to chalkboard bunting

 Step 1: Print a bunting template on a piece of cardstock paper.  I found this one and this one on Pinterest.

Step 2: Cut the template out and then trace and cute the amount of flags you need

Step 3: Paint the flags with chalkboard paint.  I have used both the spray and the brush on.  I like the convenience of the spray, but do prefer the finish of the brush on.


Step 4: First prepare the chalkboard by going over it with chalk and then erasing it.  (If you skip this step you will always be able to see the first thing you wrote in the background.)



Step 5: Write out your message on the bunting.  Thanks so much to Dana from Salty Cinderella for letting me borrow her chalk markers!! I will be ordering these for myself!


Step 6:  Poke holes in the top corners and thread the string through.  I used a very small hole punch for this.  You could also just tape the string to the back of the bunting.

Step 7:  Hang it up and enjoy!


 This, like most of my projects, almost couldn’t have been easier.  I love that I can erase the letters and use if for all different things.

If you decide to try it out take a picture and post in to the Magnificent Mayhem facebook wall!!



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