Magnificent Monday: Menu Planning and Such

Magnificent Monday: Menu Planning and Such

It’s Monday!! Woot!!  Don’t mind me, I am a fan of Mondays:)  We had a very busy/fun weekend, but I am happy to be sitting here with you menu planning and sipping my coffee!  It’s been a rainy morning in my neck of the woods.  I have an oppositie reaction to these mornings than most.  Something about a rainy morning energizes me, I have gotten so much cleaning and laundry done.  I love Mondays and rainy mornings make me want to get out of bed and clean…that’s not normal, right?  Ahh well…

Before I show you what’s on our menu for this week I need to tell you about something wonderful.  The day has FINALLY come for the “You Make Me Brave” album to be released, and I am just besides myself!

you make me brave

This album is a live recording that was done during the Bethel Women’s Lovely conference this summer.  I watched the free live feed that they offered, and both the teaching and worship were awesome!!  It was at this conference that Amanda Cook introduced “You Make Me Brave” and “Shepherd” and Kari Jobe introduced “Forever.”  Since these songs were unavailable until today I bought the audio on  God uses these beautiful women to spur a powerful and anointed time of worship that I have sat in countless times since August.  This album is available at and iTunes.  This will easily be the best $11.99 you spend all year.  I’m listening to it at this very moment-so so good.  🙂

So..anyhoo, I think I’m about done with my menu planning for the week.  Here is what we will be feasting on 🙂


For me menu planning doesn’t mean fancy meals, it just means I’m prepared to make my family dinner every night.  For some tips on Menu Planning click here.  Check back on Wednesday for some Grocery Shopping tips!

It’s important for me to plan here lately because I have been getting caught up in all kinds of projects.  My brother gave me a bunch of scrap leather and I have had so much fun creating all kinds of things.  Here’s a sneak peak of what I’ve been making:


Bible Cover


Leather Pickle Pack!

Leather Pickle Pack!



Leather Fringed Earrings

A DIY tutorial for the earrings is coming soon!  You will also soon be able to purchase some of these things from my shop in the next couple of weeks!!