Repurposed Clothing-Old Navy Dress

Repurposed Clothing-Old Navy Dress

I have been cutting up clothes left and right over here!  Lots of fun things have come from my repurposing adventures, and today I’m sharing with you what came of an ill fitting Old Navy dress.


It looks like a coral/pink color in this picture, but it’s actually a really pretty soft orange.  I bought it a few years ago because it was on sale, and thought because I got a size large it would fit me…not even close!  So I finally decided to turn curvy girl lemons into lemonade. 🙂

This is what I came up with…


For this all you do is cut the dress right above the cinched waste.



Now if I ever wore skirts I would have left it like this.  It would make a great light weight skirt for summer.  But, I don’t wear skirts so..

Scarf/Nursing Cover

To make this just cut right below the cinched waste band, and then stretch the fabric so it will turn under-like this:

173This is how they turned out:

scarf nursing cover

We must acknowledge the Hippie Hair before moving on…


I probably would have worn this scarf here and there, but decided that I would rather add some t-shirt yarn to my collection.:)



All the tutorials I looked at were for making the yarn from t-shirts, so I wasn’t sure where to start.  I ended up just cutting about a 1/2 inch section and then ripping it all the way to the hem, snipping that and then ripping it the rest of the way.  (Start with cutting the hem off of the bottom!)


This will soon be some really cute homemade washcloths!:)


Three options from one little dress,  and there were even some scraps left that held a little potential!  If you are wanting to try this project out, check out some thrift shops.  I have seen several at a few different stores.

Happy Repurposing!



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