Thrifty Thursday..Repurposed Clothing-Knit Sweater to Cozy Cowl

Thrifty Thursday..Repurposed Clothing-Knit Sweater to Cozy Cowl

knit sweater to cowl

Of all the repurposing projects I have done, this one is easily in the running for my favorite!  It lays really well and goes with pretty much everything.  It was quicker than I thought to make, and since it was a hand me down from my Mom (thanks, Mom!!) it cost me nothing to make.  So when I enter it into my “worth my precious time” calculator, it was without a doubt a profitable investment. 😉

Here’s how I did it!:

I first cut the sleeves and neck off.


Then I turned the sweater inside out and pinned it.


All that was left was to sew the new hem line and I was done!

213All I did after this was turn it right side out, put in on, and tuck the top hem down a little bit!


It lays great!

Keep in mind that the size of sweater you use will make a big difference in how the cowl lays.  This sweater was a women’s small.

I am now on the hunt for some more colorful sweaters for my girls..and maybe me too:)  Pretty soon the thrift stores will have all their sweaters on clearance.  With those prices and all the potential projects I will be loading up!

Happy Repurposing!



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