WIWW- Winter Layers

WIWW- Winter Layers

 I have to admit that I’ve been back and forth about continuing to do these posts.  I never want to send a message that “fashion” or outward beauty should be at the forefront of our minds and priorities.  Easily these things can become idols in our lives, and I don’t have any desire to encourage or embrace a life that is focused on these things.  With that said, the conversations of modesty, frugality, and using our God given ability to express our creativity in dressing ourselves is something that I am most certainly passionate about.  In my personal opinion, the clothes people wear, and the way they wear them says a lot.  I don’t think it’s a stretch to say if you look at my general attire you would conclude that I am a creative person.  My poor straight-laced husband doesn’t know what to do with my eclectic mix of a wardrobe-and I kind of (read:really) get a kick out of that.  So, in moving forward with this series, please know my heart is to encourage you towards the Lord, and to enjoy the way He made you-curves and all.  Stay at home moms(of which I a one), I hope I encourage you to get dressed-because it will make a difference in how you feel.  Ladies with curves, I am with you in seeking to cover up without wearing a cape.  Sweet ones, seeking to keep a close eye on your families budget, I am with you, and we will figure it out together!

So, anyhoo…here’s what I’ve been wearing these days!

You will see a reoccurring theme of layers-sometimes I think I walk the line between acceptable and “over layering.” 😀

Fully Accessorized

029 (4)

Shirt-Walmart(Very light weight and wrinkle resistant-good job wal-mart.)

Tank-Target (I love their tanks:)

Jeans-Target(Bought these over 3 years ago and they are still a favorite)

Boots-Jessica Simpson from Dillards(the splurge boots that were so worth the investment)

Scarf-Amazon.com..I think. (It was on one of my polyvore boards)

Birthday Outfit-Happy 32 to ME!



Shirt-Forever 21


Black Skinnies-Walmart(Seriously love these pants-and they weren’t even 10.00!)

Scarf-Target (One of my favorites-I like to mix neutrals with my clothes and accessorize with color;)


Polish-OPI’s “The Thrill of Brazil”

Church Outfit-Possibly overdoing the overlayering here…but I like it!


Jacket-Hand me down from almost 5 years ago..(That I almost sent to the Samaritan shop!  It is now back in the rotation!)

Jacket- modernvintageboutique.com

Gray shirt-Plato’s Closet



Scarf-Gordmans (from many years ago)

Bracelet-ME!! So excited about this-will hopefully have some in the shop before too long.:)

Here is a close-up:

014Brave is my One Word for this year!  To read about that click here.

(The cross bracelet is from Francesca’s)

Super Bowl Outfit

The honest truth is that if it weren’t for my husband obsessing for weeks over the menu for our Superbowl Party(that got cancelled due to the snow), this may not have even hit my radar.  But, it did, and I never miss an opportunity to coordinate/accessorize. 😉


Hat-Amazon.com-LOVE IT!  It was my birthday present from Jennifer

-(coffee with jen)



Navy shirt- Plato’s Closet

Tank-Forever 21 (they had these for under $2 last week!)

Gray cords-Forever 21(bought them on clearance pre-Tony)

Fringe Booties-Ebay(bought with bday money-love the gift of shopping!)

Here’s a better pic:


Both my husband and son don’t know what to do with these boots.  I showed them how the fringe moves when I walk and my son said, “That doesn’t make it better, Mom.”  He is precious.

Around the house..

Because I do get dressed (by this I mean I wear clothes other than sweats or yoga pants) pretty much every day, I use my apron A LOT.  My friend April gave it to me almost 10 years ago, and it’s held up well and served it’s purpose.  I’ve been thinking about making these..

016 (3)

It says, “Bloom Where You’re Planted.”  Which is interesting because a year after she gave it to me we moved from Kansas to Arkansas-leaving most of our family behind.  This simple message has been essential for me to hear, but not always easy to apply to my life.

My Girl

I will leave you with one last outfit from A.  Enjoy….

031 (2)

The pattern mixing, the humongous bun, the sass…

She is perfect. 🙂

Happy Wednesday all!



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