Repurposed Egg Cartons

Repurposed Egg Cartons

 I’m posting over at Mosaic of Moms today!  Hop over there and grab the free printable! 🙂

So what I’m sharing today would be more accurately called an idea than a project.  It came about one day when I went up to the girls room to clean and randomly found an empty egg carton laying on their floor.  Why did they have an egg carton in their room?  I don’t know, I’m going to leave that one alone….

Anyhoo, as I started cleaning up I realized that their jewelry was EVERYWHERE.  I grabbed the egg carton and started putting the earrings in it.  Once I was done picking up I realized it would fit in their drawer.


Woot! Organization makes me happy!! 🙂

That’s all there was to it.  It’s still in there, keeping the hoops from mingling with the studs..

You may remember the repurposed crib spring from last year.

For tutorial click here.

It’s gotten a lot of use, but the one thing it’s not so great for is post earrings.  I think I may need an egg carton for my jewelry too. 🙂


Is there such a thing as a project that’s too easy?  No, not there’s not. 🙂

If you try it out let me know how it works for you!  Do you use egg cartons for other organizational purposes?

Have a BLESSED day!