Thrifty Thursday-Repurposing Sweaters to Coffee Sleeves

Thrifty Thursday-Repurposing Sweaters to Coffee Sleeves

As you know, I love to repurpose things!  One of my favorite things to repurpose is sweaters.  Last week I ran in to Goodwill and grabbed several, came home, and began cutting!  Several things came from this little sewing adventure, and today I’m going to show you one of my favorites!

The sweaters I started with were really cute, but not my size.  I am realizing that I have a thing for black and white stripes:)  And you already know about my obsession with cream sweaters..I love them….all of them.

001   Note:  Cut with the pattern grain of the sweater.  The section of cream sweater in this picture DID NOT turn out great, it wouldn’t lay right.

Here’s is how it turned out when I cut it right 🙂

coffee sleevesHere’s how I made them:

1) Cut a strip of sweater and wrap it around the cup you are making it for.  You want it to slightly overlap.

2) Fold the sides on both ends and pin them.  On one side slip in a hair tie (fold the sides over it and pin).

006                          3) Sew the sides down.  Go over the end with the hair tie several times to make sure it’s secure.


4) Sew on a button.007That’s all there is to it!  If you cut the sweater with the grain the sides will roll in, and so you don’t need to hem the sides.

Adding another button is an optional step to make the size adjustable.

I did the black and white sleeve a little different.  I used two buttons.

{NOTE: With the cream sweater I used a single layer, but with this one I cut the sleeve off the sweater and then wrapped it around the cup to see what my length needed to be.  Since it is thinner I thought it needed to have a double layer.}

To do this you first fold the end straight down and then fold the sides slightly in, tuck the hair tie in the fold and pin it.  Again-sew over this end several times to make sure it the hair ties are secure.

021Then just fold it to see where you need to sew your two buttons.

You do the same thing here; fold the end down, fold the sides slightly in and sew that down.  Then just hand stitch your buttons on.

023And voila!

020It’s so easy to do!

And p.s.-these reusable cups are $1.00 at Starbucks right now!

025Add a homemade coffee sleeve, fill with some chocolate and you have a pretty affordable Christmas gift for teachers, babysitters, and pretty much anybody else who enjoys a nice cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate!  {Which is basically everybody… 🙂 }

I bought my kids each a cup to use for their morning juice and milk.  They think their pretty cool drinking out of their starbucks cups every morning, and they look pretty cute too!

Check back next Thursday to see what else came from these sweaters!! 🙂

Do you like to repurpose things too?  Let me know if you try this out!!