Simple Fall Decor

Simple Fall Decor

I finally found my fall décor tub last Friday!  When I first opened it up I was tempted to pull everything out and go to town, which is generally what I do every year.  However, after seeing Jennifer’s centerpiece on Coffee with Jen the other day, I decided to take a different approach.  This year I’m simplifying, and so far I am quite pleased with the turn out.

The Mantel:



It’s interesting how adding just a few things make such a big difference.

The Entry Way:


The branches in this vase will soon become our “Thankful Tree.”


I have been using these cute little printables from Jones Design Company for three years now.  Starting in November we do these here and there through Thanksgiving.  I have kept all the old ones and really enjoy reading through them again every year.

As the tree fills up this year I’ll keep you updated on the things filling our hearts with gratitude. 🙂

The Table:



I am all about practical decorating!  Hobby Lobby had both of these baskets on sale last week-%50 off-I just love it when that happens….

Fresh Flowers:


I have never bought fresh flowers for our house before, but I’m really enjoying these!  They were $7.99 at Wal-mart, and are going on 5 days of looking great!

So, here’s what’s left in my tub:


I cut back quite a bit  I will probably add some things here and there.  The wreath on top is one of my favorites, so I can’t leave it out. 😉

I’m curious, do you all decorate for fall?  Do you keep it simple or go all out?

Blessings, and Happy Fall!