What's In My Bag

What’s In My Bag

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Welcome to my first What’s In My Bag post!  I don’t know about anybody else, but I’ve always been curious what other women are carrying around in their purses and bags.  A few months back I came across a “What’s in My Purse” video on You Tube and it totally sucked me in.  Maybe it’s my curiosity about people in general, or maybe it’s just that I’m nosy-but I really enjoyed seeing what was in that girls purse!  It told me a lot about her, actually.  When the video was over I scrolled down the options for similar videos to find that the WIMB posts were pretty much endless-how happy this made me!

If you don’t know me very well, you probably don’t know that I’ve always been a little obsessed with purses-and I do mean always.  My parents have pictures of me from when I was three with a well stocked purse hanging from my shoulder.  I like to be prepared, and I like to accessorize…so anyway, purses are my thing.

Now that we are done with the Gretchen history lesson, let’s explore my purse, shall we?

This is the bag I’ve been carrying these days.

I got this purse at Plato's Closet for $16.99

I got this purse at Plato’s Closet for $16.99

A Mom’s bag has many requirements to meet.

 It has to be easy to carry, for when you are chasing kids around and holding hands with teeny tinies in a parking lot.

It needs to be wipe-able, and in general, stain proof.

It needs to look as stylish as a purse, but be able to carry as much as a tote bag.

It should have at least one outside pocket and other inside organizational components as well.

It should be able to magically produce goldfish and Cheerios on demand……..  Yours doesn’t do that?  You got ripped off.

This bag is filling all the requirements, plus it matches pretty much everything.  (Yes, I like my purse to match my outfits.)

Here’s what’s in it:


1) Gum-I ALWAYS have gum.  Usually I have more than this 🙂

2) Phone

3) Pickle Pack-This holds a lot of little odds and ends that I like to keep with me.


Pickle Packs-Holds everything you need for when you get yourself in a pickle. 🙂

Hair ties/bobby pins, Advil, ear buds, cough drops, tea bags, bandaides and alcohol pads, suckers and balloons

(for when running errands and cranky kids inevitably meet.)….and on and on.

It’s one of my favorite things-and will be soon coming to my shop!

4) Always have to have some shades on hand.

5) Make-up bag.

Looks like just some lipsticks in there right now.

Looks like just some lipsticks in there right now.

6) This is actually an Iphone case, but I’m using it to hold my business cards.


7) Wallet-from Target.  I like this one b/c it has two zip compartments and also b/c it’s small.

8) Pens-Another thing I’m slightly obsessed with.  I couldn’t believe I only found two in there!

9) Hand Lotion-I like this one a lot b/c it is unscented.  I don’t like it when lotions get in the way of my perfume 😉

This one is from Bath and Body Works.

10) Trains and cars are always on hand for my little guy.

He gets drug around to all sorts of things, but is always happy if he has these to play with.

That’s all I found in there today-but I’m sure by the end of the week there will be twice the amount of stuff in there.

So-what’s in your purse?