Healthy French Toast

Healthy French Toast

Healthy French Toast

One day while searching the bread aisle for our normal whole wheat I ran across this:

025My mind immediately began to swirl with ideas for how to use it. (Besides the obvious-toast with butter option.)

I decided that a healthy French toast sounded really good.  But, interesting fact, I’ve never made or eaten French toast before deciding to make this.  So, lets just call this “Gretchen’s little experiment turned awesome.”…or something like that.

Here’s what you need:

022 (6)Pepperidge Farm Whole Wheat cinnamon swirl bread

Egg whites

Ground Cinnamon

Pan Spray

Cinnamon Sugar Mixture

Step 1) Mix 1/2 TBS ground cinnamon with 1 1/2 C egg whites.  I use casserole dish for this.

(or adjust the egg white to cinnamon ratio according your personal taste.)

Step 2) Dip Bread slices in egg white mixture.  Make sure it’s well coated.

023 (7)Step 3) Spray a non stick skillet, and cook bread slices until egg mixture is slightly browned.

Step 4) Sprinkle a little cinnamon sugar on it while it’s still hot.

024 (5)Step 5) Enjoy!

028 (7)We like to have ours with scrambled eggs and turkey sausage.  The French toast is pretty good on it’s own, but sometimes I put a little sugar free syrup on it.

When we started cutting back on refined sugars and eating healthier I really missed our weekend big breakfasts.  Now we can have the best of both worlds!

Let me know if you try it out!



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