Repurposed Clothing-Leggings Edition

Repurposed Clothing-Leggings Edition

repurposed leggings

Leggings, or “Stick Pants,” as they are called in our house, are pretty popular with my girls.  My oldest daughter wears them almost every day.  A while back I was putting away laundry in their room and was sad to come across one of S’s favorite pairs of stick pants with two big holes ripped in the bottom (who knows how that happened..).  They were too cute to just throw away, so I began cutting….

First came these:090 (2)I think I’ll call them sweat catchers.

Then these:

100_1965These held really well.  We are always in need of more scrunchies:)

Next came..


It’s surprised me how much we have actually worn these.  I like to wear one when I’m cleaning to keep the fly aways out of my face.

I have been meaning to make some of these…

100_1942A bean bag thing that we can either freeze and use as an icepack or heat up in the microwave for a heat pack.  This little one had just gotten a sun burn the day before, so she immediately put it to use! 🙂

This next one has turned out to be a multi purpose bag!

087 (2)At first I was thinking I would use them as a little trash bag to keep in my purses and bags.  I could also use them to hold Wal-Mart bags like I did for T’s repurposed sweats.  One day at D’s football practice I found another use..


It’s the perfect size to stick a cold water bottle in.  I was able to stick it down in my purse without getting everything in there wet.


So, to recap, this is what I started with:

014 (3)And this is what was left when I got done cutting:


I love it when I can take things that have already served us well and turn them into something useful instead of trashing them!

Happy Repurposing 🙂