Cake Balls

Cake Balls

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Five years ago, by telling me about the marvelous dessert she had at her office party, my MIL changed the way that dessert is done in my kitchen.  What dessert was she talking about?

cake balls

The Cake Ball. 


I’ve done numbers for ages or the first initial of the birthday boy or girl.

Not long after she told me about them I made a batch, and have been making them ever since.

They are so much yummier than cookies, but not as messy as cake or cupcakes.  Every single time I make them people rave about them and I am repeatedly asked for the recipe.  So, here it is!

Here’s what you need for the first part.  Just a boxed cake mix, the things to make it, and frosting.

003 (3)Step 1) Mix boxed cake mix according to instructions.

001 (3) 002 (4)

2) Bake cake according to instructions

3) Let cake cool

010(I usually bake 2-3 cakes when I make these.  I make extra cake balls to freeze:)

Step 4) Dump cooled cake mix in a large bowl

0155)Break it up really well


6) Add frosting-you will need all of it.

017{You will need a tub of frosting for each box of cake.}

7) Mix well.

018 (2)8) Use cookie scoop to make the balls.  Place them back in pan.(I use the same one that I baked them in.)


9) Freeze for at least an hour

02010)  Dip them in melted almond bark immediately after pulling them out of the freezer.

Tip:  You can also make cake pops with this same recipe.  Just add the sticks before you put the balls in the freezer.

I got these sticks in the baking section at Hobby Lobby.

I got these sticks in the baking section at Hobby Lobby.

{You can add some shortening to thin the bark-DO NOT add butter.}

I LOVE that she wants to do this part!

I LOVE that she wants to do this part!

11) Enjoy 🙂

016 (2)

They are really easy to make even though there are a lot of steps.  I like to break those steps up over the course of a couple of days.  I also like to keep some that are ready to be dipped in the freezer.  They also freeze well once they are dipped too.

Pretty much the perfect dessert:)



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