Thrifty Thursday-Refinished Goodwill Desk

Thrifty Thursday-Refinished Goodwill Desk

A few months ago Goodwill opened another store in our area.  That’s right, I have two Goodwill stores within a five minute drive from my house.  Ohhh the thrifting possibilities!  So, I put my disgruntled feelings toward them aside and ran in one day to look for some bargains.  I had all my kids with me, so my expectations were pretty low on being able to find anything.  We were only in the store for 20 minutes, but still managed to come away with some good treasures!

 The main one being this beauty:045

It was $25.00, and the perfect size for our living room.  I was looking for something like this that could be a landing spot for all of the kids electronics and chargers, the kids computer, and Derek’s drop box {you know, everything that he drops when he walks in the door.}  This is perfect because I can cover the mess when I need to ;).

Step one to refinishing it was to sand and prime it.  I like the Kilz primer best.

066 (2)Make sure to shake it really well before starting.

I always sand whatever I’m refinishing, and then wipe it off with a wet paper towel.  Then, either let it dry or dry if off.

100_1948If it bubbles up like this let it dry and then sand the bubbles off.  This spray paint dries really quickly, so wiping it off is usually not an option.

Once it’s primed all that’s left to do is paint!.  Because this primer is so great, and I used a quality paint, this only needed one coat.  There were several spots I had to touch up, but a whole second coat wasn’t needed.

So, here is the finished product!


The paint I used for this project is from Sherwin Williams and is called Rushing River.

I absolutely love the color.  This is actually the fourth piece of furniture I’ve painted with it!

It looks great on the entertainment center too! (Which was an excellent flea market find! 🙂 )


It’s the perfect combo of a soft blue and grey- It’s almost a neutral.

This table was what I was using before I found the desk. (Also a flea market find.)

091While somewhat functional, it couldn’t quite handle our clutter situation.

It’s now serving it’s proper purpose in the entryway.

047Let’s have one more look at the finished Goodwill desk, shall we?