Thrifty Tuesday-Repurposed Frames

Thrifty Tuesday-Repurposed Frames

repurposed frame

Of all the projects I have done, the end result of this multipurpose frame is one of my favorites.  That is probably due in part to how easy it was to do!  I started collecting big frames a few years ago wherever I could find them.  My Granny cleaned out her storage room and gave me quite a few. I’ve also found several at Goodwill, and garage sales.  The beautiful frame in this picture was an excellent find, mainly because it was FREE!  After going to several garage sales one morning I stopped in at my neighbor’s sale again. {I had raided it several times already, but had to check to see if she put anything new out. 😉 }  While looking I mentioned that I was hoping to find some big frames, but hadn’t come across any.  To this she ran in her house and brought out this dark stained bamboo frame.  She said her sister had given it to her, but she hadn’t found a use for it-and did I want it.  Uh-yeah!  That was almost two years ago and I am just now getting around to doing something with it, ahh well.

To make one of these frames all you have to do is staple chicken wire on the back.

That’s it.

You can buy chicken wire at most hardware stores.  I got mine at Home Depot.  The wire I got came rolled up tight.  This makes it easy to transport from the store, but not so easy to work with!  Several times when I was working with it, it snapped back and cut my hands/arms.  It would have been a good idea to wear some work gloves. 🙂

The amount of staples you use depends on what kind of frame you are using.  This frame is hollow and so I had to use quite a few staples to get the wire secured before I let go of it.  Once you finish stapling the whole thing, just trim off the excess and you are done!

Tip:  Make sure to get the wire straight before stapling!



The finished product!

I had originally planned to use this as a message/inspiration board in my office, but for now it’s a picture holder in the music room.  I like how easy it will be to change out the pics.

I have done this with a couple other frames.  I refinished these frames, so that adds a step, but well worth it I would say!  When using the chicken wire for the hair accessories holder make sure not to pull it too tight.  It would make it hard to get the bows on and off.

I went through a MAJOR bow making stage when my girls were little!  They still wear them!

I went through a MAJOR bow making stage when my girls were little! They still wear them!

Having a place to keep all of our sunglasses has proved to be pretty handy.  We also have people leave their glasses here pretty often, so it’s nice to have a place to stick them.  Otherwise, T would most definitely carry them off and break them. 🙂

sunglasses storage frame

I love this frame! It’s one that my Granny gave me:) I waited a long time to do anything with it, because I wanted it to be perfect.

I think this is the perfect project.  It hardly takes any time at all, serves all kinds of purposes and looks great!  Let me know if you try it out!



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