Magnificent Monday

romans 8

Welcome to Magnificent Monday all! 🙂  We had a very full weekend and I’m excited to share the highlights with you today!

Saturday morning my parents loaded a Uhaul and headed our way.  They brought us a queen size bed to put in D’s room. {Which is the room we use for overnight guests.}  He is so excited to have a “huge” bed in his room, and I’m glad that we have a better set-up for our adult overnight guests.  {Because two adults sleeping in a full size bed is not an ideal situation! :)}

The other thing they brought is this beauty..

007Now, I don’t exactly play the piano.   I learned how to play chords when I took sight singing and ear training in college, and I know how to read music because I played the clarinet for seven years.  All of these things don’t necessarily add up to beautiful sounds coming out of this baby, but hopefully some quality practice time will make that happen!  I’m also hoping to get the kids started with lessons.  We’ve already had a few conversations about how we don’t POUND on the keys…:)

   008 Saturday night I had the privilege of singing with the worship team.  When my Dad is in town he comes with me to practices and stays for both services.  I think he loves our church body as much as I do. 🙂  It works great when my parents are in town the weeks that I am up for worship, because my mom is able to help Derek get the kids ready, take them to their class and pick them up.  He does great on his own, but I don’t think he minds the extra help either!  🙂

My parents left Sunday morning-missing them already!  Sunday was MOWO Day at the lake 2013! We met friends from the worship team out here at this beautiful spot.

002 We had such a great time!  The kids got to go tubing and we enjoyed some much-needed fellowship time with the grown-ups. 🙂  The weather was perfect!


Tony really enjoyed the boat ride!

Tony really enjoyed the boat ride!

 Pretty much weekend perfection right there!  Now it’s time to get back to the business that the week days always hold.  Then again, we do have three more weeks of summer.  I may have to put some of that business on hold for now. 🙂

Our Menu this week will be pretty much carb free.  We went off sugar three days ago.  I’m still in a bit of a fog without it, but it’s for the best.

Monday-Salads from Chic Fil-a

Tuesday- Taco Salad, Guac, Homemade Salsa

Wednesday-Lettuce Wraps, Deviled Eggs

Thursday-Grilled Chicken/Roasted Veggies

Friday- Bunless Burgers/Steamed Broccoli

Saturday- Leftovers

There ya go, kind of boring…oh well.

Hope you all have a FANTASTIC week 😉