Music Review-Here On Earth

Music Review-Here On Earth



If you have not checked this album out, do it right now.  No seriously, drop what you are doing, buy it, and stick your earbuds in.  This couple knows how to worship.  They go straight to the throne room and set up camp!

Here lately I’ve really enjoyed watching the Bethel services on ibetheltv.  There are always a few songs that stick out in my mind that I go searching for, and here lately my search has ended with the Here on Earth album.  It’s never a surprise, the Torwalts are truly gifted in writing powerful songs of worship to the Father.  Some of my favorites are Nothing Holding Me Back, I’m a lover of Your Presence and Holy Spirit.

Not only is it an amazing album, but it’s only $10.00! (Click here to get it.)

You will be blessed:)