Protein Packed Salad

wordpress protein salad
 I really like to do salads for my meals, but I have to be sure to add plenty of protein.  If I don’t I am ready for a snack an hour after dinner.  This is one of my favorite salads!
Here’s everything that’s in it:

spring mix
turkey bacon bits
Asian cashew medley
garlic pepper crunch onions
toasted almond slivers
leftover grilled chicken
hardboiled egg
veggie medley
fat free honey mustard dressing
I usually go with balsamic vinaigrette, but had a little packet of the ff honey mustard so I decided to try that this time.  MMM-so good!  Now, if you are really trying to cut your calories down you might want to cut a few of these things out.  This is my “I am STARVING!!” salad.
 If you’re looking for some ideas to creating a lighter salad check out this post over at
Hope your Monday is Magnificent!
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