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Thrifty Thursday

I had quite a great haul this week!  We went to both the Max, and also goodwill.  I’m all about 2nd hand shops, you can save so much money!  Another thing I like is that you can find things that you wouldn’t want to pay to buy new (like the Banana Republic wrap dress I found, or the Hollister Jeans-HELLO!), but still wouldn’t mind having.  Also, if your kids are involved in sports, 2nd hand stores are a great place to find shoes for all kinds of sports.  I have seen wrestling shoes in there a few times, they usually have cleats, and they always have tennis shoes.  I’m so excited to show you all my treasures.  Tony fell asleep soon after we got there, he was not enjoying the shopping quite as much as me.

Here are some of my finds:

L-R  Grey Banana Republic Wrap Dress, Jean Jacket(for Amelia), Cream Sweater, Hollister Jeans, Addidas Cleats(for Deven), Nike Cleats(for Deven) and a Beige Vase that I am using for my kitchen utensils(they didn’t come with it:).  This isn’t everything, I also found Derek some black Crocs, a case for Sadie’s ipod, and this sweater:
I wore it today:)  By the way, sweaters are buy one get one free at Goodwill, so these were only 2.00 a piece!  I will post all the prices next time.  The hollister jeans were 25.00, which was a splurge for me(I know, kindof odd that I “splurged” at Goodwill), but I had some birthday money left and really liked them.  Everything else fit nicely into my clothing budget for the month:)  It’s nice when you can get something for almost everyone even when your budget is 25.00/month:)
The important thing to do when 2nd hand shopping is to know what you are looking for.  It’s easy to get caught up in all the good deals, but then you will most likely bring home some things that you don’t need. Believe me, it was tough to pass up several purses I saw!