There is no way to be a perfect mother, and a million ways to be a good one.” ~Jill Churchill

Well I’m half way through the week and still have not gone to wal-mart-YAY for me!  (I like to celebrate the little victories.)  We are completely out of fresh fruit, milk, eggs and almost out of fresh veggies.  I have some kale and half a head of iceberg lettuce.  I’m actually really enjoying the challenge of coming up with snacks and meals from what we have instead of rushing off to wal-mart to buy buy buy.  Here lately I have felt like I whip my credit card out just a little too often.  I hear that little voice in my head often asking-“Do I REALLY need this???”  I kindof like seeing my refrigerater a little empty-knowing that we have consumed what was put in there rather than trashed it b/c it was moldy or out of date.  I almost broke down and went to wal-mart today because I do need to refill Amelia’s prescription.  After checking and rechecking to see what all we still have I decided to just go through the drive-through to pick her medicine up.  If we weren’t doing a big lunch for Easter who knows when I would end up going!!